Townhall Meeting:

October 23rd at the Quality Inn & Suites - click for more information


My "Getting Illinois Back to Business" 7 Point Plan:

  1. Do Not Raise the State Income Tax
  2. Give Incentives to Companies and Small Businesses to Bring Back and Create Jobs in Illinois
  3. Get Our Fair Share of Tax Dollars from Washington D.C. for Local Projects
  4. Pass the Strictest Campaing Finance Reform Laws in the Nation
  5. Privatize State Services to Reduce Over Spending
  6. Cut Unnecessary State Funded Programs
  7. End Pay-to-Play Politics


Endorsed by the Republican State Senate Campaign Committee


Walk Party Volunteers Needed!

Elelction Day is quickly approaching and it is time to hit the pavement, on Saturday, September 4 at 10:00am we are having a Walk Party. We are starting to walk precincts and we need your help! I know it is Labor Day weekend but if you are in town we can use extra feet on Saturday to go knock on doors. If you are interested in joining us please call the office (815) 468-6829. Any questions let us know.

As Election Day approaches we are looking for more student interns. The Adam Baumgartner for State Senate intern program will provide high school and college students with a hands-on learning experience. Each intern will participate in all aspects of a political campaign from strategy and fundraising to door-to-door and phoning. This is a paid internship. If you or someone you know is intersted in participating please call the campaign office (815) 468-6829.

Vew our videos:

Let's Get Back to Business

The State of Illinois is near bankruptcy. We have a $13 billion shortfall this year and we owe $130 billion in past due employee pension benefits. That amounts to $25,000 per household.

I’m running for office in this district because we need jobs and I know how to create them. I started my first business seven years ago and today I own six businesses employing over 50 people. I’d like to take these job creating skills to Springfield where they are desperately needed. I also serve as a Director of the Peotone Chamber of Commerce and I am in my second term on the Peotone School Board.

Illinois is a great state with unlimited potential – including unlimited job growth. However, the state is not creating jobs because the high taxes, corruption and runaway spending make it hard to start a business here.
When I am elected to represent the 40th district, you can count on me to vote against tax increases and for spending cuts. You can also count on me to do everything I can to expose corruption.

Thank you for your loyal support.



bio can count on me to vote against tax increases and for spending cuts...